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What is a Free Bet Bonus?

A free bet in any form of online gambling has a massive appeal for customers. Their first thoughts are that they are claiming a risk-free bet, so what is there to lose? Also, with the possibility of being able to win money from it, it is a no brainer. For online bookmakers, free bet offers are bonuses that they are happy to offer customers, hence why you see such a variety of different ones offered by almost every single online betting site. The reality is though unfortunately, these free bet offers are not as simple as they may seem. They are not always as simple as being free bets given to you, they are often more complex than that.

Free Bets on sports are great offers to take advantage of. A perfect example of ones that bookies tend to offer are “£10 Free Bets”. This £10 can then be used to place on certain sporting markets and if successful, may have a significant pay out. Putting aside all the different terms and conditions that come with these promotions, they are well rewarding, and punters should be on the look out for the best free bet bonuses when wanting to look for a new bookmaker or wanting to maximise their profits. A free bet on any sportsbook is usually worth snatching up, otherwise it wouldn’t be offered if there was no appeal. It is not difficult to find a free bet on a UK betting site, it is just determining which ones are more valuable than others, which of course is a matter of opinion.

Types of Free Bets

There is a variety of free bet types. As mentioned earlier, not all free bets are as plain and simple as being given free cash to use as a betting stake. This is where some free bet offers can be valued higher than others. Here are some of the available free betting offers that you may find at some bookmakers:

Free Bets No Deposit

These are the most lucrative of free bet offers. They can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack. If you are lucky enough to find one of these offers, do not let it go amiss. They are exactly as they are described, a free bet that doesn’t require you to make a single deposit or anything, essentially free money.

These are the best type of free bet bonuses due to the fact that most other free bet offers do in fact require you to make some sort of deposit or wager before you can be rewarded with it.

Matched Deposit Free Bets

These bonuses can be very rewarding depending on how you use them. Essentially, the bookmaker will give you a free bet that matched the initial deposit you made, up to a certain amount. For example, a bookie may say that they will match your deposit in a free bet, up to £20. Therefore, if you deposit £10, you in fact have £40 to play with. That is why this offer can be useful, if you are willing to deposit a high amount of funds.

Moneyback Free Bets

Moneyback free bets are also known as risk-free bets. They are not just free bets given out to a player. They require players to place a bet on particular markets that are stated in the terms and conditions. Then if the bet they have placed in unsuccessful, the funds they have wagered will be returned to them as a free bet credited. This is a good offer to consider as it means you won’t lose out on anything, it also may encourage you to place more adventurous bets that you were previously worried about placing.

New Customer Offers

Typically, the most lucrative free bet offers will be granted to new customers as a marketing technique in order to get them to sign up. Not many people like to turn down anything that is free, whether it is in relation to online betting or not, therefore bookmakers can use it to their advantage. With the number of online bookmakers saturating the betting industry, you will not struggle to locate a well-rewarding free bet offer.

When you are looking for a new bookmaker and come across any eye-catching free bet offers, be sure to check through the terms and conditions to see exactly what type of free bet it is and also what instructions need to be followed in order to activate your free bet.

Existing Customer Offers

It can be more difficult to source an existing customer free bet due to the fact that bookmakers seem less interested in impressing an existing customer in comparison to trying to bring in new customers. Therefore, don’t be waiting on your existing betting company to spoil you in free bets. However, this does not mean to say that you will not be able to find one at all. There are different ways in which an existing customer may be treated with a free bet as a way of a bookmaker keeping them on board and showing marks of appreciation for their consistency. Here are some of the best types of free bet offers for existing customers:

  • Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is a nice gesture from a bookmaker, it is where they reward an existing customer with a free bet. There doesn’t need to be a reason for it. It is often the case that a bookmaker will offer this for an upcoming event. For example, if the Champions League Final is approaching, bookies may give their customers a free £5 bet on selected markets.

  • Loyalty Schemes

A lot of bookmakers have their own loyalty scheme in place where customers can gain a range of different awards for themselves. One of the many rewards that can be won is a free bet offer.

Free Bet Promotions for Competitions

Free Bet offers become increasingly popular around different sporting events. It will often be the case that customers will be on the look out for free bets when competitions are on the horizon that they wish to get involved in. Here are some of the main competitions that free bets are targeted at.

Football Free Bets

Possibly the most popular sport that free bets are aimed at is Football betting. It is one of the most popular sports for betting. There are a variety of different fixtures for different events that punters can bet at on all betting platforms. This is why football have one of the biggest ranges of bet types and markets, it is not just the win/lose/draw scenario like with some sports. Here you can bet on markets you may not have even known existed and then also place different betting types, for example accumulators. Some of the main football events include: Premier League, Champions League, Championship, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Europa League, FA Cup, World Cup and more! When these competitions are upcoming, notice that you will then see a lot of new promotions being added by bookies.

Paddy Power are an excellent online bookmaker that offer a range of football paddy power free bets. It is typically the top bookmakers that offer the most of these offers, so the likes of William Hill, Ladbrokes, Bet365 is where you will find the best of these kind, on their betting apps.

Horse Racing Free Bets

As well as football, horse racing is also one of the biggest betting markets and most popular sports to bet on. There are some huge competitions within Horse Racing that cause the nation to go crazy about. Some of these competitions include: The Grand National, Royal Ascot, Chester Races, Cheltenham Racing Festival, and more! These are huge competitions that bring together experienced horse racing punters and new horse racing punters as well. The Grand National is the best example of this, it is watched by so many viewers globally and also there are always Grand National Free Bets up for grabs. The popularity for horse racing betting massively increases around these events. It is also thanks to bookmakers releasing some huge promotional offers in relation to the sport. The same applies for Cheltenham Festival.

Free Bets are one of the types of offers that are advertised by a lot of bookies. Players can trigger free bets to use on a selection of races. They can get moneyback free bets on their first bets at some of the main events. These are just a couple examples of what’s on offer.

Football and horse racing are not the only sports to offer this, there are numerous sports willing to unleash some amazing free bet promotions your way!

Terms and Conditions

With any kind of promotion, comes terms and conditions. These are disliked by all of us, the barriers in the way of you and your bonuses. As long as you abide by these requirements, you will be granted whatever the bonus is offering. Some betting sites have harsh terms and conditions, when others use more lenient rules. Whatever the bonus is you are trying to claim, it is very important that you do read through the terms and conditions and understand what is required. This removes any confusion or doubt about whether this promotion is for you or not.

Although terms and conditions are different between bookmakers, there are some rules and regulations that apply for every bonus of a certain kind. Free bet bonuses are no exception to this, there are certain rules stated in most, if not all free bet offers, these include:

  • New Customer Offer Only: This will be the case for a lot of bonuses, especially if it is the welcome bonus. If it is a new betting site you are signing up to for this offer, then you do not need to worry about this.
  • Min Deposit Required: This is one that will be attached to a deposit free bet bonus. You will be required to make a deposit in order to claim the free bet. There can sometimes be a min deposit amount that is needed to be deposited. If it is a matched deposit, then it doesn’t matter as much, however if it is of a specific value, then you may be required to deposit above that value.
  • Max Deposit Required: Just like you may have a minimum deposit amount, you can also have a maximum deposit amount. This stops punters being able to receive a huge free bet if it is on a matched deposit bonus. Therefore, there could be a cap of £20 for example.
  • Minimum Wager Amount: If you are claiming a free bet from an offer that requires you to make a wager of some sort, or a risk-free bet, you may be told that you need to wager a specific amount to get your money back. For example, you may need to place a £10, and if it is unsuccessful, you will receive it back as a free bet.
  • Maximum Wager Amount: This works both ways, just like there is a minimum, there can be a maximum. If you place a high wagered bet, the bookies may not want to refund it as a free bet because the only outcome for you is a massive pay out, or your money back. Therefore, they can set a limit to how much you are allowed to bet.
  • Payment Exclusions: This is a very common one. Bookmakers do not like players claiming bonuses with payment methods such as e-wallets or pre-paid cards. That is why they exclude them and only allow customers to claim bonuses via debit cards or credit cards. This is a common rule that applies to most bookies. In some cases, PayPal will qualify, but not always.
  • Expiry Date: Free Bets will not sit in your account forever. Bookmakers like to encourage customers to use their free bet as soon as possible by putting an expiry date on their offers. An example could be that you have 7 days to wager the free bet before the bonus funds expire. Once the offer has expired, it becomes invalid. After this time-frame, the free bet will be removed from your account. Therefore, bets must be placed before then.
  • Stake Not Returned/ Bet Stake Not Included: Most bookmakers will not return the betting stake to the customer if it is a free bet. As you are aware, with standard bets, if it is successful, you win the pay out, plus your stake back. With a free bet wager, if it is successful, you win the pay-out, but the stake will not be included in returns, as it was a free stake anyway.
  • No Cash Out: A common trick that punters will attempt is to cash out a bet as soon as it starts winning, without seeing it out. Bookies do not allow this and therefore cashed out bets do not apply for a free bet.
  • Min Odds Required: This is typically applied to free bets that require you to make a wager first. A bookmaker does not want you to be able to wager funds on a clear favourite and then receive a free bet, that would be too easy. So instead, they will set a minimum odds mark and you will be told to wager your bet above that amount.

Take a look at some of the best sports bets bonuses we have found, specifically the free bet bonuses. You can activate great sports bonus or even a casino bonus thanks to our team who have sourced some of the most claimed offers with the best betting odds.