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    The world of online sports betting is absolutely huge right now and these days there are so many different types of bets for punters to choose from. Sportsbook usually offer various types of insurance in order to protect their punters, so that if anything goes wrong then they can get a refund or a free bet, Acca Insurance is quiet popular and lots of sportsbooks offer Acca Insurance to their punters.

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    What is Acca Insurance?

    If you are familiar with online betting, then I am sure that you would have heard of Accumulators. Accumulators are a very popular type of bet which is available on pretty much every sports betting site/app and is commonly used on sports betting. Now to the interesting part….Acca Insurance. Acca Insurance is a type of insurance which is available to punters that gives them a refund if there is any issues with their bet or they lose their bet by one market, something which is very irritating and also very common.

    An accumulator is one bet which consists of several individual bets and all of the bets in the accumulator need to come through in order for the accumulator to be won. A lot of the time, punters lose their accumulator because one of their results didn’t come through and this can be very frustrating, and it also means that the punter will win no money and their bet will be over. In order to prevent this happening, many betting sites now offer the acca insurance, so if you miss your bet by 1 result, it won’t matter, and you will be paid the money which you would have got if all your results were correct.


    We know that getting your head around something new can sometimes be a hassle and it can be much easier to understand when you have an example in front of you. So, to help you out, we have decided to put together a good example of where acca insurance would be useful.  You will be able to find this below.

    • Pick 4 teams to win in an Accumulator. Teams, A,B,Y & Z.
    • Stake £15 on all of the teams to win.
    • Teams A, B & Y win, but Z loses.
    • Normally, if one team loses then that means that the whole accumulator is over, and you would lose your £15 stake.
    • With Acca Insurance, you will get your £15 back.

    How are the refunds paid?

    When it comes to Acca insurance, there are many important elements which you must consider and do your research on so that you know about it and what to expect if you do decide to take out the insurance on your next accumulator. One of the most common questions which we always get asked by punters is how are the refunds from an acca insured bet paid? Sometimes, the sports betting company will refund the users funds straight into their chosen method of payment, such as bank account or PayPal, whilst other companies may give the user the choice of keeping the funds in their betting account so that they can use it on their next bet or just simply withdrawing it to their bank account. Nowadays, punters can deposit and withdraw via a large selection of payment methods, including PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Boku, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

    When does my bet qualify for a refund?

    Acca Insurance is very handy and if you find that you are one of those people who gets frustrated after losing, then Acca Insurance may just be the perfect thing for you. Accumulators can vary in terms of the amount of selections that punters can have however the maximum tends to be 5 or 6 and if just one selection loses then that means that the whole accumulator bet is finished, but not with acca insurance! So, once you’ve placed your accumulator, it pretty much is just a waiting game and you have to wait until all the results are in. If your accumulator does very well but loses by just one result, then that is no issue at all because this is where acca insurance steps in and comes to the rescue. As soon as the results are in and the bookmaker realizes that you only lost by just 1 result then your bet will qualify for the refund and most of the time you will be able to receive your money immediately.

    What if more than one selection loses?

    Now this is a question which is frequently asked by punters and because we aim for create the best and most informative guides, we thought that it would only be right to answer it and give you the information which you need to know.

    If more than one selection loses, it is very rare for you to qualify for a refund via acca insurance as most sportsbooks only allow 1 selection to lose in order for punters to get the refund. Having said this, some sportsbooks may be different and allow more than 1 selection to lose, so it is always worth checking. In addition to this, be sure to read the terms and conditions before placing your accumulator and acca insurance as you may come across some important information which could affect your accumulator.

    Where can I find Acca Insurance?

    Acca Insurance is an extremely popular feature and it is also highly demanded so because of this, lots of sportsbooks offer acca insurance to their punters. Pretty much every sports betting site has acca insurance available and once the punter places their accumulator bet, they will be able to see the acca insurance option. You can take advantage of the wonderful acca insurance feature via sports betting apps and online sportsbooks so be sure to look out for it!

    What Sports is Acca Insurance available on?

    Acca insurance is available on a huge variety of sports and you will notice this when you are on your chosen sportsbook. The most popular sports that people use accumulators on are Football and Horse Racing, but they are available on plenty of other sports too, including Cricket, Tennis, Boxing and Golf.