Asian Handicap Betting Strategy

    Asian Handicap Betting Strategy

    We have decided to put together this well-developed page to teach you everything there is to know about the Asian Handicap Betting Strategy.

    Asian Handicap betting is a fun form of betting which is done on Football. Asian Handicap Betting started many years ago in Asia and it is currently one of the most popular types of bets now in the 21st century.

    What is Asian Handicap Betting?

    As previously mentioned, Asian Handicap Betting is very popular and if you are familiar with online football betting then you would have probably heard of it or come across it. For those who are not so familiar with Asian Handicap Betting, we are here to the rescue and in this guide, you will learn exactly what Asian Handicap Betting is.

    So Asian Handicap Betting is a type of betting formula which is used on football betting and it allows the bettor to bet on the overall outcome of a football match where one of the two teams are given a handicap that is either negative or positive. This process evens out the odds between both teams, meaning that the favored team must win by more goals in order for it to count.

    At this point, Asian Handicap Betting may sound complicated and this is totally fine because initially it is quite complex but by the end of this page, I am sure you will get your head around it and certainly understand it.

    Why were Asian Handicap Bets Created?

    The world of online football betting is constantly growing and it is always evolving, because of this, new styles of bets and new betting formats are always being introduced and this is the case for Asian Handicaps.

    Asian Handicaps randomly burst onto the scene in Asia and they were very popular amongst the avid football bettors over there, due to the big success in Asia, online sports betting sites decided to broaden the market and bring this spectacular type of bet into Europe and other countries where football betting was booming and it turned out to be a great decision as it was a huge success!

    Asian Handicaps really are terrific and they have so many advantages which are very hard to find on other types of bets. Asian Handicap markets are well-known for achieving a great variety of things and to give you more information, we have decided to list the top 3 which we feel are the best features about Asian Handicap markets. This can be found below.

    • Increased Flexibility. Betting via an Asian Handicap means terrific flexibility and it allows punters to choose markets which fit their personal view on the game more effectively.
    • Evens out events. If you apply an Asian Handicap to one team, it means that the other team then has an increased chance of winning. This means that the overall odds are then evened out which makes steady results with much less variance.
    • Eliminates Draws. As you probably know, in real life football matches, goals are counted as whole numbers but this is not the case on Asian Handicap Betting. Decimal values are applied for goal handicaps which means that draws are eliminated.

    Asian Handicap Example:

    We know that getting used to a new betting feature can be quite hard and it is certainly easier said than done. So to give you a helping hand, we have decided to put together a quick and easy example which should help you understand how Asian Handicap Betting works.

    So lets say that Chelsea are playing a match against Wigan in an FA cup fixture.

    It is very likely that Chelsea are going to win the game and because of this, their price in the 1×2 market will be immensely short. Let’s say it will be 1.1.

    Now we have a dilemma which will be explained further below.

    Backing Chelsea is not exactly an exciting bet to place and the punter will not win much if Chelsea win. Most people would consider this type of bet as more risky than it is actually worth.

    Backing Wigan is a bet which could payout a big return if they win but this is very unlikely as they will probably lose. Most bettors would consider an alternative because of this.

    The reality is that the majority of punters would feel that this is a pointless fixture to bet on as the odds are either quiet low or the risk is immensely high. So overall this is not the best fixture to place a bet on whilst on the 1×2 market.

    Balancing the Odds

    Usually, Handicaps start at 0.5 or 0.25 and some bookmakers decide to go up in halves whilst others prefer to go up in quarters, therefore if you come across odds which have more than one decimal, they are most likely Asian odds. When it comes to Asian Handicaps, the team which is favourite to win the game will always be the negative handicap, whilst the team which is the underdog has the positive handicap.


    When you decide to place an Asian Handicap Bet, we recommend that you check the normal/standard odds first, in order to get a clear idea of how favored one team is over the other team. This type of betting is heavily suited towards games where there is a big gap between both teams and because of this there will be a large choice of handicaps to choose from.

    We know that Asian Handicaps can seem quite complicated at first but with a bit of practice it does end up being very easy and sooner or later you will be a pro! If you are the type of sports betting player who enjoys accumulating small winning over a certain period of time then Asian Handicap Betting is most definitely the best betting option for you and I am sure that once you place a good few Asian Handicap bets, you will get into the swing of things and you will certainly start to love it!