Best Betting Apps

Betting apps are becoming more popular as our technological capabilities advance. At first, betting started out in shops, where you would have to travel to your nearest betting shop in order to place a bet. As daunting as that may sound, that is certainly not the case anymore and most of the big sportsbooks will offer their players a betting app to play on from their mobile phones & tablets.

Gambling has advanced to online, this is where most betting happens. As we switched from betting shops to online, more and more betting companies started being introduced to the market, to a point now where it is heavily saturated, and punters are really spoilt for choice. New bonuses and betting features, including football betting apps, were introduced also.

Well now betting has gone that extra step further, with betting companies now being able to publish their very own mobile betting apps, that customers can download on their mobile devices for more immediate access to their betting account and place bets easier. These mobile apps allow players to bet anywhere, on the go. In a lot of cases, the betting app can in fact be better than the website itself.

Top 10 Best Betting Apps UK

With a lot of bookmakers producing these mobile apps, it has created big competition in the mobile app industry and therefore it can make it a difficult decision as to what app is better for you to download. That is why we have located what we consider to be the top 10 betting apps in the industry, and also our reasons for this.


Betfred have created a highly successful betting app to go with their very successful betting website. Betfred have produced a mobile app that is compatible for both web and mobile devices. There are some great betting features involved in this app, which include: Sign-up offers and further bonuses, live betting and live streaming features, customer support, easy depositing and withdrawing system. These are some of the key features in which we look out for when analysing a betting app and it is good to see that Betfred have included them all. This makes mobile betting preferable for a punter as they are able to access all the same features as they could online.

Their betting app runs on very smooth and fast software, which allows for easier and faster betting. Meaning that your bets can actually be placed quicker on the app than if you were to do it on the website. Especially when it comes to cash out, you can cash out a bet extremely quickly on a smartphone. You can also receive constant notifications which will appear on the home screen, so you can see how other matches and your selections are doing and also then decide what move you want to make next. You can get updates of current promotions on upcoming events to convince you to place a quick bet on it.


10Bet are a bookmaker that has not been around as long as the big dogs of the gambling world, yet due to the performance of their website and app, they have turned into a highly successful betting platform. 10Bet only operate online, which means that they do not have to focus on betting shops and the online market is there only target.

10Bet actually do what a lot of other bookmakers don’t. They offer mobile app exclusive bonuses! This is a great way to encourage users to download betting apps and use then use the mobile app that they have put so much work into. Now that they have realised that they are becoming more competitive with more senior betting companies, they have started adapting their betting apps to offer more markets and offers, which means that their app is constantly improving. 10Bet have included an in-play betting market and also live streaming features on their app, which means if you place a bet on a particular event, you will then be able to watch the action unfold.


UniBet is a successful betting platform that was launched back in 1999, before the advances in technology that allowed us to place bets with the ease we can today. In fact, UniBet have won awards for some of their betting markets, for example their live betting features. The UniBet app is available for both iOS and Android users.

The UniBet app is free to download and does not take up much space at all. There is so much good going for this app that it is considered one of the best betting apps. The app is very easy to navigate. Players can navigate their way around with ease, finding different sports and markets. For live betting, this is one of the apps to choose in our opinion!

Paddy Power

Paddy Power excel in most of the markets they enter, and the mobile market is no different. Having merged with Betfair, together they have created an awesome betting apps that players can download on a variety of devices. The graphics and quality of the app are second to none. It is smooth and easy to find your way around.

Paddy Power take into consideration the features on a range of smartphones and adapt their betting app to cope with this/ Lets take the Apple iPhone for example. Apple have advanced features such as Touch ID. Well Paddy Power have taken this into account and now allow their users to log into their betting accounts via Touch ID, instead of having to enter their account details, which can take longer. They also have a great feature known as one touch betting, which is very self-explanatory and more convenient for punters.


If you are a betting company of this size and stature, then you cannot miss out on opportunities such as mobile betting. It is a no brainer that Bet365 have to produce such a great mobile app to compete with the rest and also cater for their millions of customers worldwide. The speed of the app is great, and players have access to all the same bonuses and promotions.

Features including live betting and partial cash out are also available on the mobile platform. You can link multiple payment methods up with the app and deposit cash to your account within seconds. The app can also remember your details, which saves you having to enter them in constantly.


Coral app is extremely easy to download. If you head over to the actual Coral website, they encourage you to download their app and will inform you on how to do so. They have a menu on their app which can locate you to each market and sport of your choice. There are also some quick links for the most popular sports which include football betting and horse racing betting.

If anything, you may find that Coral can be constantly sending you notifications and you may find that annoying. However, it can be useful to ensure that you don’t miss out on their finest promotions. You can in fact turn the notifications off if you wish. You can stream live events through the Coral app as well. They also leave space for you to place in play bets whilst you are watching an event unfold.


Ladbrokes, to no one’s surprise, follow the same as Coral. On their website they encourage you to download their mobile app by telling you how you can get it. Once you have the app, you can access the same features and use the app in the same way as you can with the website. Ladbrokes do put a lot of their focus on Horse Racing and that is why you may see fixtures and offers constantly appearing when you are on the app. For a bookmaker that is one of the oldest, they have done extremely well to keep up with the times and produce excellent mobile betting platforms like they have done here.

The Ladbrokes app is free to download and does not take up much space at all. In order to place bets and experience their app, ensure you have a stable internet connection.

William Hill

William Hill think very highly of themselves in terms of online gambling, especially when it comes to mobile betting. If you have ever come across one of their marketing campaigns, they label themselves as the “home of mobile betting”. Some may see this as big headed when in fact it is true, there mobile app is brilliant. They are quick to update their mobile odds and promotions, and this is exactly what is needed and asked by a customer. Like their competitors, they send out frequent notifications on offers. They also follow the same principle of offering in play markets betting and live streaming features. William Hill are also highly rated for acca betting.


Bwin may not be the first betting company that spring to mind when debating offer the best betting sites, and indeed they may not be the very best. However, they still offer a top-quality mobile app for their customers to download and use with ease. Bwin are a betting site that offer one of the biggest ranges of sporting markets, which gives them a huge competitive edge over their competitors. Aesthetically, their betting app is one of our favourites.


BetVictor have a massive customer base that are very pleased with the range of bonuses that are handed to them. The ratings of their betting app are phenomenal. Checking the customer ratings is always a good thing to do as the voice of the customers is more powerful and meaningful than anyone else. BetVictor have a strong focus on football betting and horse racing betting, therefore if you are a punter of these sports, you will find some of the best betting features at BetVictor, one of the best football betting apps. Their app is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

What Makes a Good Betting App?

Some online customers may not know what they are meant to be looking for in terms of betting app features. To some it wont even matter, as long as you can place a bet, what else do you need? There are different, unique ways in which bookmakers can adapt their betting apps to make the experience of betting more enjoyable for players, or even different in the slightest of ways.

We have found a list of topics that you could consider when downloading a betting app, which could improve your quality of gambling.

App Features:

The app features are possibly the most important aspect to consider. A betting app needs to be just as good, if not better than the desktop version if it is going to convince customers to download it. This is where betting companies need to synergize with phone companies and be able to work together to create a better and easier way of betting.

A perfect example of where this has been shown is what we mentioned earlier, the Touch ID feature. This allows customers to log into their betting account with their fingerprint. This makes signing in so much easier for customers as they don’t have to type out their details, they literally scan their finger. This highly convenient feature was introduced when phone technology had advanced to this stage, which can be why betting apps can sometimes rely on phone companies to make mobile betting easier.

Another feature is the notifications. The betting apps can send you notifications on all sorts, including when new offers have landed and also constant updates on any current bets you have in place. Take football accumulators for example, you will get notifications sent to your phone to inform you on anything from goals, to red cards and full time/ half time scores. The updates are also immediate, therefore if you are worried about one of your bets, you can potentially quickly cash out.

With Apple betting apps, you can in fact access your bets through an Apple Watch. As crazy as it sounds, this is even easier than mobile betting.


You want a betting app that is compatible on a range of devices, just in case it ever became apparent that you were changing phone companies. Let’s use Paddy Power as an example, their betting app is on a range of platforms, for example iOS, Android, Windows. Therefore, if you were to switch from being an Android user to an Apple user, you want to be able to continue using the same mobile betting app, which you will be able to with the majority of betting applications. It will be the case that if you can access an app on one type of product, you will be able to access it on another product made by the same manufacturer. So, if you were using an app on an iPhone, you will also be able to use it on an iPad.

It will typically be the case that there will be frequent update for the app, to make it more compatible with mobile devices and for bug fixes. It is not just the case that you have to download a betting app to access your betting account via mobile, you can use the internet app on your phone and search for the web address, which will also take you to the betting site. However, the betting app is more compatible with the features specific to your phone.


How reliable is the betting app? A good way to find this out is by checking the customer reviews. A betting app is only as good as the customers say it is. These applications may not be perfect all the time, you may encounter times where the app is not working or down for maintenance. However, some apps can have this on a regular occurrence which is not what you want, because it obstructs you from putting bets on with that bookmaker.

You also want to choose an app that is going to cater for your betting needs. A lot of punters actually only use mobile app to place all of their bets, they do not bother with a desktop version at all. That is why you need an app that is extremely reliable if this is the type of customer you are, because it is your only form of accessing a bookmaker.


This is not a major issue, as it will often be the case that any betting application you join will have the sports that you are wanting to bet on, however there are some markets in which some betting sites provide for, that others don’t. Bwin are known to be one of the best at offering the biggest ranges of markets and sports.

Live streaming is one of the many markets in which bookmakers are targeting at the moment in order to improve a customer betting experience. Placing a bet on particular events will allow you to then watch the action live through the betting app. For example, Sky Bet allow their customers to live stream a horse racing event, given that they have placed a bet on the horse race. This may be something that is useful to you and therefore you want a betting app that will offer this. Other markets such as in-play also apply to this.

You want the app features to be exciting, for example lets look at the market “Virtual Sports”. When you place a bet on a virtual event, you can also watch that event live. Well different bookmakers lay their market out differently. The way in which the game is shown is not the same, this can alter the user experience. You want to be able to watch a high quality, unique gameplay.

App Bonuses:

It can sometimes be the case that a bookmaker will offer a bonus to customers who download their mobile app. A free bonus for doing something as simple as downloading a free app? What more could you ask for. 10Bet are a bookmaker that do this. If you are on the hunt for a free bonus, or you are an existing customer of a bookmaker that offers a mobile app promotion and you didn’t realise, then download the free app and take advantage of the bonuses available.

All of the promotions that you can gain access to on the desktop version of a betting site are also available on the mobile app. Whether it be a huge welcome bonus, a free bet or a deposit bonus, you can claim all of this on the mobile app, as long as you abide by the terms and conditions.


Social Media has a huge influence on everything nowadays, betting is no different. Betting companies are highly active on social media, if you take a look at Twitter, you will see the big named betting companies sending out numerous tweets every hour of the day. You can also download betting apps through social media. Adverts may pop up whilst you are scrolling through, if you decide to click on their link, you will be taken straight to the app to download.

Social media is also a good place for customers to discuss winnings and other betting features with each other. There are specific social websites that are based on sports betting, where you can get tips and advice and also find the best bonuses for key events. This is why it is handy to have a mobile betting app, because you can go from looking at social media on a mobile device, to then placing a bet without changing the device you are on.

Depositing/ Withdrawing:

A common worry for some punters is that they are unsure as to whether, or how, you deposit funds to your betting account via the app. In some cases, mobile deposits are faster and easier than desktop ones. Find the correct tabs on the mobile app and use the simple process to deposit and withdraw funds. You can use any of the payment methods that are described on the betting site. The great thing about depositing and withdrawing funds through the mobile app is that you can have your details saved onto the app. This means that you will not have to continuously enter your payment details every time you wanted to make a transaction. Simply just type in the amount and press a button and money is then transferred. Also, you can use verification techniques such as touch ID to verify a payment.

How to Download for iOS & Android

Downloading a mobile app onto an iOS or Android device is extremely easy and risk-free. Given that your bookmaker has a mobile app, you need to head over to your app store. For an iOS device, it will be the iOS app store. Here you can use the search bar to type in the name of the bookmaker or find it on the general app charts. If you click on a link through a social media channel, you can be directed straight to the app on the app store, when then you only need to press a button and the app will begin to download. Before you press download, you can read into the application and also see some reviews that other customers have left.

If you are an Android user, you will have a google play store, where you can download android apps. The same rule applies in this instance. Type in the name of the betting app and you will be able to read any reviews and also check the rating of the app. By downloading an app, it does not mean that you have to then join that bookmaker and bet with them. You can download an app, find your way around it and look at all the things you can bet on, before then registering. Also, the betting apps are free to download, they do not take up much disc space at all and can be easily deleted if you do not want them anymore.

Are Mobile Apps Safe?

The simple answer to this, is yes. As long as you are using the verified application to a bookmaker that is licensed, it is completely safe. The bookmakers that we advertise to you are all licensed under the United Kingdom Gambling Commissions. There has never been an occasion where a betting app has been hacked into, therefore players should not worry about this ever happening to them. There are strict security rules in place. They are safe and actually more convenient for faster betting. If you do encounter any betting issues or haven any questions, you can contact a member of their team through the betting app and someone will assist you until the issue is resolved.