Best Bitcoin Betting Sites 2019

As you may be aware, over the last few years the popularity of Bitcoin has risen massively, and the value of Bitcoin has exceeded expectations of many. The development of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies has been huge, and it has certainly been an interesting journey to watch. Online Gambling has become very popular in recent years and new trends are always following too.

Bitcoin has become a majorly important feature in the world of Online Betting too and it certainly is the Sportsbook newcomer! As a smart way of getting new punters, plenty of Online Sportsbooks have started to welcome cryptocurrency as a method of payment. Bitcoin betting sites are becoming more and more popular amongst online players and Bitcoin has began setting trends in terms of payment too.

What is Bitcoin?

Many people have heard of Bitcoin but do not exactly know what it is, so to help you understand what Bitcoin is, we have decided to break it down in order to explain it to you. Bitcoins are a cryptocurrency/virtual money that has a value which is simply dictated by supply & demand unconnected to any government or country. A maximum of 21 million bitcoins can be available at one time and once they are held, they can then be sold or bought on bitcoin exchanges.

How does Bitcoin Sports Betting work?

Gambling Online with Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular and so many punters are using Bitcoin as a method of payment when gambling online. Bitcoin is a fantastic way to pay and it has many benefits, in addition to this, Bitcoin betting is extremely easy and simple to do! One of the main reasons why people prefer using Bitcoin to pay when on Online Gambling sites is because of how safe and reliable it is, due to the security it provides.

Thanks to partnerships with popular eWallets such as Skrill, non-bitcoin Online Sportsbooks now offer cryptocurrency as a depositing method. The first ever UK-based Online Sportsbook to offer Bitcoin was NetBet who are a world renowned betting site. Since then, many Online Sportsbooks have followed in the footsteps of NetBet and have started to accept Bitcoin.

Listed below are some of the most popular online bookmakers that accept Bitcoin.

  • NetBet
  • Mansion Sportsbook
  • Miami Club Sportsbook
  • Bovada Sportsbook
  • 7 Bit Sportsbook
  • Bit Starz

What to Check When Choosing a Bitcoin Betting Site:

Security – One of the main things that you must check for when choosing a new sportsbook that accepts Bitcoin is the security that is provided. Bitcoin offers very safe payments itself however you must be sure that your chosen Bitcoin betting site is safe too and keeps your personal details safe and away from any potential threats such as identity thieves and fraudsters. Legitimate and safe sites will clearly display regulations and licenses on their site which the user can check.

Software – The Software is the technology that is used on the site to deliver the bookies experience to the user. The Software will affect the responsiveness of the site, range of games, themes and many more crucial features that are important when choosing an Online Sportsbook, so the user must be sure to choose a Sportsbook with a good Software if they want to endure a good experience.

Bonuses and Offers – One of the main things that punters look for is Bonuses and Offers! After all, you will be spending your money on the site so you want to ensure that you get everything you can from it, and this includes Bonuses and Features too which can prove to be beneficial to the user as it can save money and also offer the user more money. The majority of Online Sportsbooks offer ‘Welcome Bonuses’ or ‘Promo Codes‘ to new users which can usually be found on the home page of the site.

Reviews – You are obviously going to be looking for an Bitcoin betting site that offers the very best experience and gives you the very best for your money. One of the best ways to find out what to expect when joining a new Bitcoin sports betting site is by checking out the review. These reviews will show you what experiences previous punters have had, and this will give you a heads up of what to expect. In addition to this, the reviews may contain important information on bonuses and exclusive games which you may not be able to find.

Account Funding Options – You are probably on this page because you are interested in Bitcoin as your main method of payment, however it is always worth to check out other payment methods as you may use them in the near future. When on your Online Sportsbook, be sure to check out all the payment methods that they accept. In addition to this, Bitcoin betting sites that offer a good range of payment options is a good sign that it is a good Online Sportsbook because they cater for different types of punters, this shows versatility and consideration.

Why Should I Use Bitcoin with Online Sportsbooks?

Anonymity – One of the best things about Bitcoin, is that it allows the user to move their money around, without having to reveal their identity. This meaning, the user can play as many games as they want without having to reveal who they are.

Security – Bitcoin betting is renowned for many things, however one of the main features that they are known for is the security. Bitcoin is an extremely secure payment system and it is one of the most safest ways of depositing and also receiving funds on Online Sportsbooks.

Low Fees – When it comes to Bitcoin betting, transaction fees are rare, and they are pretty much don’t exist. Due to this, many Online Betting punters prefer to use Bitcoin as their chosen method of payment because of this feature.

Are Bitcoin Transactions Fast?

Despite the fact that the user is not able to credit card, PayPal, cheque or bank account, avoiding the banking systems means that transactions are much faster to process. When using conventional currency, cashing out can take up to a few days and deposits via cheque may even take up to a week. Luckily for those who opt to use Bitcoin betting sites, their transactions will usually be completed within a couple of minutes.