Boku Betting Sites 2019

Boku is a payment method which links mobile carriers, players and casino via a single system. Instead of the player having to enter their card information into a casino, they can just use their mobile number and have their deposit fee added to their phone bill. Below are some of our favourite Boku betting sites.

Best Boku Betting Sites:


Boku is a turnkey type of payment solution so it can be tailored in order to suit all online casinos. Boku was founded in 2009 and the company’s main competitors are MoPay and Fortumo. Boku is immensely popular amongst online gamblers who want to pay and deposit money, at Boku betting sites without having to enter the personal details.

Boku Company History:

2009 – Boku was founded in 2009 by Mark Britto, Ron Hirson and Erich Ringewald in the United States. The company acquired the firms, Mobillcash and Paymo and then launched the checkout payment platform.

2012 – In late 2012, Boku acquired the Indian carrier billing company, Qubecell.

2013 – In 2013, Boku join forces with Sony’s PlayStation which was a partnership that allowed PlayStation users to purchase TV shows, games and films through their mobile phone.

2014 – In mid-2014, Boku managed to solidify their position in the PC/gaming industry after acquiring their rivals, MoPay.

2015 – The Boku Bank Account product went worldwide in 2015.

2016 – In 2016 Boku announced that there was plans of a third product to be launched.

2017 – Present – Over $1.5 Billion worth of payments were handled by Boku in under a year, many of these come from Boku casinos and betting sites.

Depositing with Boku Mobile Payments:

Online casino depositing is changing as a new era of technology is on the rise. Although payment methods such as debit and credit cards are still fairly popular, many online gamblers prefer opting for easier and more convenient payment methods and in recent years there has become a great range of boku betting sites for online gamblers to choose from. One of the newer payment solutions to join the likes of Payment cards, Bitcoin and E-wallets is the ‘pay by mobile’ method. The Boku-pay-by phone method brings a new and fresh method of payment to the online gambling industry. Boku was originally created to provide a payment solution for customers of huge companies such as Spotify, Facebook App Centre and Google Play, after having a great run with those companies, Boku decided to reach into the gambling industry and is now available in some of the best available online casinos. At Boku betting sites, Boku is described as a safe and efficient deposit method.

How to Deposit with Boku:

Most online casino payment methods are simple and straightforward to use, and this is exactly the case with Boku too. We have formed a step-by-step guide to help you get started with Boku. This will be displayed below:

  1. Go to any official Boku casino sites and click on the payment page.
  2. Once on the page, select the ‘pay by phone’ tab.
  3. The relevant window will appear, once this has loaded then you need to enter to amount of money you would like to deposit. (The maximum amount is £30)
  4. A text message should come through to you that will ask you to confirm the transaction. You will need to select ‘Y’ (Yes).
  5. Now you are ready to play. Each Boku deposit that is made shall be processed immediately, this means that you can start your betting journey immediately.

Betting Sites that accept Boku:

Online bookmakers and betting sites are always looking out for new ways in which they can make their services more accessible to potential users. Many bookies have now started to accept Boku as deposit platform. Below I have formed a list of the best Boku betting sites to help you decide who to bet with once you get started on Boku.

  1. Winner Sports.
  2. Paddy Power.
  3. NetBet Sport.

Pros and Cons of Boku:

As with any deposit method there is always going to be pros and cons so we have list a few of the most important ones that we feel you should consider when using a Boku betting site.


  1. The user can deposit to online Boku betting sites without having to disclose their card information or any other important financial details.
  2. Making a deposit through Boku can be done by anyone who has a phone contract.
  3. It is easy to make deposits to Boku betting sites. When you have your phone with you, you can access Boku and this can be done whether you are at home or even on the go.


  1. Some online casinos do not offer certain welcome bonuses and offers to punters who use Boku to deposit.
  2. At the moment there is no way of withdrawing funds directly from Boku. The user will need to link either a PayPal, bank account or e-wallet to their betting account in order to complete their withdrawal.


A great benefit of Boku casino sites or betting platform is the fact that there are no transaction fees when you choose to deposit by Boku. Payments are deducted from the user’s pre or post – paid mobile balance. Post – paid payments are displayed on the user’s regular phone bill.

Commonly asked questions:

Can I withdraw using Boku?

At this current time, Boku do not offer a withdrawing service for their users. A withdrawal method such as PayPal will need to be setup and linked to a bank account in order to make withdrawals.

How long does it take for deposits to come through?

A huge benefit about Boku betting sites which makes them immensely popular is the fact that the process of depositing is quick, efficient and easy to do. The maximum time it will take for the deposit to be processed is 3 minutes. Boku have stated that the user should expect their funds to be in their betting account straight away.

Which mobile companies use Boku?

Despite Boku still being relatively new, many phone companies have been quick to work with and support Boku. Some of the most common ones are, T-Mobile, Vodafone and O2.

Are there any other similar services like Boku?

Despite being very popular, Boku is not the only carrier billing company. There are a few other similar services which are provided by well known companies likes Fortumo, Text2pay and Bango.