Promo Codes:

Bookmakers and Casinos try all sorts of methods to gain new punters and get more business. One of the most popular methods that the majority of Bookmakers use is offering promo codes. These promo codes can offer many discounts, bonuses and offers so therefore they are very popular amongst punters. In this informative guide, we shall be giving you all the relevant and important information you need to know about betting promo codes.

How do I find Promo Codes?

Promo Codes are immensely popular in the world of online betting and everybody wants to get their hands on them because of the perks and bonuses that come with them! Finding free bet codes can be quite difficult at times as they are hot property, and everybody wants them so finding them can turn out to be a challenge. Luckily for you, we have listed a few different ways which you should use in order to get your hands on the best promo codes!

  • Read the latest Bookmaker Newsletters
  • Visit Bookmaker Websites
  • Printed Media. (Newspapers & Magazines)
  • User Submitted Codes
  • Online Betting Forums
  • Social Media Platforms

How to use a Promo Code:

Once you have managed to find your bonus code, you will be wanting to use it! The majority of bonus codes either come in a banner where there is an option to select it and then redeem it, where as other are just a simple code which consists of numbers and letters which need to be entered onto the selected site in order to be redeemed.

There are so many promo codes out there and so many bookmakers that offer them, so because of this, it may vary on what needs to be done in order to use them. For example Ladbrokes have a different method that users need to follow in order to redeem their promo code, whilst Bet365 have a different method for their users. Due to this, the user must make sure that they read how their chosen promo code works as well as the T&C’s that come with.

How Do I Withdraw My Bonus?

Each offer is different, and they all come with their own individual terms and conditions which can vary and most of the time they won’t be the same compared to other bonuses. You must ensure that you carefully read the full description about the bonus which will be shown before you select it and in addition to this you should certainly take a note of the terms and conditions too. Generally when it comes to withdrawing your bonuses, the deposit has to be rolled over a certain amount of time before the withdrawal can go ahead and once this has done the user should select the ‘withdraw’ option in order to proceed, however as stated previously, this can change, and it really does vary and depend on the online betting site.

Types of Promo Codes:

When it comes to Online Betting, there are plenty of promo code and free bet codes that are floating about, and these can be used for various events and sports. Promo codes can be found on Casinos, Slots, Bingo, Football, Tennis, Cricket and many more! Once the punter is on their chosen betting site then they can select which category they want to bet on.

Best Online Betting Sites for Promo Codes:

We understand that in the world of online betting, there is so much competition out there with the amount of sites that are available so it can be quite hard to narrow it down to select just one to go with. That is why we have put together a brilliant list which displays some of the best online betting sites that offer the best promo codes to give you a helping hand in order for you to narrow your options down. This list can be found below;