What is a Heinz Bet?

    What is a Heinz Bet?

    If you’re not sure what a heinz bet is or whether you should make one, you’re in the right place! This guide will go over all the fundamental things you need to know when making a heinz bet.

    A Heinz Bet is a great type of bet which is popular amongst sports bettors and it is a 6 selection wager which consists of a total of 57 bets.

    Heinz Bets are made up of a variety of accumulator bets and these are 20 trebles, 1 sixfold, 15 fourfolds, 15 doubles and 6 fivefolds. In order for your Heinz Bet to win, at least 2 selections must win and a Heinz Bet will cost you 57x your individual bet stake due to the fact that a Heinz Bet is 57 bets. So for example, a £1 Heinz will need a total stake of £57.

    Heinz Bet Explained

    As you already know, a Heinz Bet is a 6 selection wager and if all 6 of your selections win then you could potentially win some big amounts of money and a good thing about a Heinz Bet is that for every selection that wins, your overall return amount will increase. This also means that if you only pick 3 or 4 selections that win, you could still earn a huge payout! Many people prefer to bet via a Heinz Bet instead of an accumulator because you have a greater chance of winning on a Heinz Bet as your whole bet will be over on an Accumulator if 1 selection loses but this is not the case on a Heinz Bet.


    To help you understand exactly what a Heinz Bet is, we have decided to put together a couple of good examples which should help you get your head around this brilliant type of bet. The examples can be found below.

    So lets say that you have decided to put a bet on the Cheltenham Races and you have chosen 6 Horses to win their 6 races and they are all available at the odds which are displayed below;

    • Horse 1: Evens
    • Horse 2: 11-4
    • Horse 3: 5-2
    • Horse 4: 4-6
    • Horse 5: 11-2
    • Horse 6: 5-4

    If you placed a £1 Heinz Bet on these 6 Horses, it would cost you £57 and if all 6 Horses win their races you will receive a whopping return of £4147. This in itself clearly shows how good a Heinz Bet is because if that stake of £57 was divided into separate and smaller bets, the profit and overall return would have been immensely low and no where near the £4147 figure. This really does show why Heinz Bets are so popular and it is fair to say that these awesome bets allow the punter to potentially win some huge money by staking a fairly low amount.

    Each Way Heinz Bet Example

    Punters also have the choice to stake via an Each Way Heinz Bet too. A £1 Each-Way bet would cost the punter twice the amount of the normal Heinz Bet so this would be £114 however it is a good type of bet if you feel that your chosen selections are underdogs because you can still win a good amount of money even if your selections do not end up winning. Punters can also collect some of the trebles and doubles from their win portion of the bet if their selections win and end up being successful.

    In this example of an Each Way Heinz Bet, lets say that you have chosen 6 Horse selections that have decent odds.

    • Horse 1: 8-1
    • Horse 2: 2-1
    • Horse 3: 11-2
    • Horse 4: 10-1
    • Horse E: 5-1
    • Horse F: 11-4

    As previously mentioned, the overall amount to place a £1 Heinz Bet on these 6 selections would be £114 however if your selections come through and you win your Heinz Bet then it would have been totally worth it as the returns are well over a whopping £192,000!

    Heinz Bets are not only popular with Horse Racing bettors, Football bettors also bet via Heinz Bets too as they have proved to be a better alternative to accumulators in recent years due to the fact that you can still get a return even if one of your selections loses.

    Things to Remember

    When it comes to placing Heinz Bets, it is fair to say that you will probably end up wagering quite a bit of money and we understand that this is a big thing for any punter, so to help you out we have decided to give you a few tips on what you should remember upon placing a Heinz Bet.

    • Do your research. Be sure to compare bookmakers and their odds on Heinz Bets before proceeding with you bet because you will probably end up finding some good odds when you have a look around, instead of signing up to the first bookmaker you see.
    • Use an odds calculator. An odds calculator will calcite your potential winnings and this can be quite handy so be sure to try it out.
    • Take your time. Rushing your bets is one of the worst things to do when you’re placing a bet because mistakes and errors can occur very easily.